Cammarano, Layton & Bombardieri Partners, L.L.C. is a full service Trenton-based government relations firm focusing on strategic planning, results-oriented services for lobbying, and message consulting.
“Lobbying is more than getting your point across to elected officials.  It’s about motivating constituencies to communicate with their government representatives, building capital in your message and getting results from the people who make decisions.”



With the fast changing pace of government, the demands on lobbying require political skills and know-how to understand how to meet clients’ goals and objectives.

For Cammarano, Layton & Bombardieri Partners, L.L.C., this means partnering private with public entities to expand government relations and communications, mobilizing groups of interested constituencies, and message discipline.  Cammarano, Layton & Bombardieri Partners, L.L.C. organize the team to create a winning strategy and a winning message, and then communicates that message to the people who need to hear it.


Cammarano, Layton & Bombardieri Partners, L.L.C. provide ongoing government relations services so that companies are well equipped to handle any changes in legislation, regulations, or political climate.


With experience in both state and local lobbying, Cammarano, Layton & Bombardieri Partners, L.L.C. work with local, state, and federal issues.

Whether it’s crisis management, ongoing government relations, or message consulting, Cammarano, Layton & Bombardieri Partners, L.L.C. connect you to your audience, communicates your message effectively, and delivers the results you need.


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